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On the Needles…
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On the Needles…

Slouchy Gauntlets

Slouchy Gauntlets in Dream in Color Classy “Happy Forest” colorway

Have you ever had a ball of yarn that is so great, yet, each time you cast on with it, something goes wrong?  That was the case with this yarn.  I bought it nearly 4 years ago in Chicago and I have cast on for projects *at least* 4 times with it, none of them amounting to anything.  Ripped.  (Then again, the yarn cake produced one of my favorite yarn photos of all time, so for that, I am grateful.) This pattern – simple elbow-length mitts – seems to be holding tight.  It is also showing off the varied shades of green in the yarn.  Happy Forest, indeed.

Jingu cardi

Jingu cardigan

A simple top-down raglan short-sleeved cardigan for summer.  It’s off to a nice start, and is a simple project.  I hope to actually wear it this summer – when I can handle a wool blend against the skin, that is.  Maryland gets quite sticky in the summer.  I got this yarn – Berroco Vintage DK – at WEBS this past Spring and I really like the way it is knitting up.

I am hoping to finish these adult-sized knits soon, or else they will have to take a backseat to the swath of baby knits I am planning as the resident “crafty auntie.  The official news is that another baby girl is on the way this October for my sister – Baby V will have a baby sister!  Good news is that some of V’s knits can get more wear, but I am planning some more special knits for Girl #2.  My favorite baby/child knit inspiration is coming from the adorable Norwegian site, Pickles.  Looking at the site is a cute overload (I mean, right? a baby turban? adorable).  If you follow me on Ravelry, you know I have been queuing up many of their patterns…

Speaking of… I have to put some finishing touches on the Eyelet Vest for Baby V – she will be here next week for a visit!




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11 Responses

  1. Birgitte

    Beautiful knits on your needles!

  2. LittleWit

    That green is absolutely gorgeous. I saw it come across my monitor and just smiled. So very pretty. :)

  3. Bex

    Yay for finding a great use for a special yarn. Thanks for sharing the pickles website – such lovely things to look at!

  4. Peaceful Knitter

    I knit the climbing vines pullover out of happy forest; love that yarn!

  5. Sarah

    Good luck with the Happy Forest this time around – it’s so beautiful

  6. Jacey

    I love your green knitting! I actually cast on the other night with some green knitting of my own, in a gorgeous shade of Malabrigo Worsted (the shade name escapes me right now, but it’s a semi-solid lime green).

  7. Seanna Lea

    I love the Happy Forest. Sometimes the color names are all that it takes to make me look at things with a new (usually better) disposition.

  8. Lauren

    i LOVE dream in color! I hope this is the pattern it was destined to become! Also I also love that Pickles website! I think i went through and queue’d half a dozen things as soon as I found it! :D

  9. Chandler

    Be still, my heart—that green. It reminds me of baby ferns, *right* after the rain has stopped and a ray of sunlight bursts through the trees. Can’t wait to see them finished and warming up your hands!

  10. Mel

    Gasp! Those gauntlets are *so pretty.* I think in a way it’s nice that the yarn has been involved in so many failed projects, because then you just get to knit it again and again and again. And with such pretty yarn that wouldn’t be bad at all.

  11. Rowena Philbeck

    Your gauntlets are really nice. I love the green color. I have done the same thing with some of my yarn. Sometimes it really doesn’t speak to you of what it wants to be. You just have to wait till the time is right. Take Care and love your blog.

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