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Summer Knitting
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Summer Knitting

Even as the temperatures rise, my knitting has really picked up.  I have some more time on my hands nowadays, and with the news of a new niece on the way, I have become inspired to knit all of the things ever!  My sister and Baby V are in town, and we have spent some good time together.  I started a quick blanket/play mat for V right before they arrived.  On big needles, it was simple to whip up quickly.  It’s a long rectangle, about the size of a child’s beach towel with a braided strap attached to one end – easy to roll up and pack away for picnics or trips to the beach.

Here’s Baby V playing with some blocks on it:

Blanket + Play Mat

Blanket + Play Mat

Blanket + Play Mat

The yarn was an acrylic blend – Bernat Danish Bulky in Moss colorway – for easy washing and wear.  It is just seed stitch until I ran out of yarn (9 balls of chunky).  It was a simple project that I knit entirely while watching Battlestar Galactica episodes on Netflix Instant… I nicknamed the blanket “Helo” after one of the characters.

I have some more knits to share very soon – belated and early birthday presents and another baby knit… in the meantime:


Happy Summer!

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10 Responses

  1. E

    Wow, what a cutie!! She looks so much like you and your sisters. When the new baby comes, you won’t be able to call her “baby” V any more :)

  2. Seanna Lea

    She looks like she is having a blast. I especially love her little toes gripping into the blanket.

  3. Miss Scarlett

    What a darling girl, enjoying her handknits!

    Are you loving BSG?

  4. Josiane

    Lovely blanket/play mat! I’m sure she’ll get a lot of use out of it.
    That last pic is a concentrate of summer: a strawberry bathing suit for fun time in the sprinklers – yum!

  5. Christina

    I love that play mat/blanket. The yarn you chose is so pretty. Baby V is adorable!

  6. Ms O

    What a fantastic idea! As I’m still a novice, and much more comfortable with 2D than 3D at this point (can’t seem to find what works best for me, circs or dpns), I’m looking for something practical to make for friends that’s not yet another scarf or dishcloth. ;)

    Also, great pics to make me smile!

  7. Tere

    Knitting to Battlestar Galactica is the best!!
    Nice blanket too

  8. Jenna

    Aww, I hope you are having an amazing time being an auntie with Mimi and V! I got to play auntie myself recently in the ‘Burgh with the girls, it was so awesome. Glad to see it is giving you some knitterly inspiration that is going to good use. I hope your summer is going so, so well, lady. xoxox

  9. Lsmith

    I love that blanket you knitted! So often I think about knitting things you can wear, and I always seem to overlook the endless, non-apparel possibilities. Maybe ordering some new yarn will be motivation to start a new project!

    Great pictures and projects, by the way!

  10. Elizabeth

    Helo! Totally needs blankets named after him. This one looks comfy and super practical too, yay!

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