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Wooly Mitts :: Hot Day
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Wooly Mitts :: Hot Day

While the idea of thick wool fingerless gloves may not be the most appealing in the heat and humidity of a Maryland summer, it is all about thinking ahead!  My sister Maryn is moving from California to Virginia this fall, so this pair of mitts – her early birthday present – are the reminder for the chilly autumn and winter ahead!

Slouchy Gauntlets for Mimi

The pattern was simple and perfect for this yarn.  I made some small additions to the pattern – namely another purl bump row on the hand and thumb gusset – for continuity.

Pattern: Slouchy Gauntlets by Amy Swenson (links to Ravelry pattern)
Yarn: Dream in Color Classy, “Happy Forest” colorway

As I mentioned in the earlier post, Daniel, Maryn and Baby V are visiting now, and it was the perfect time to give her these mitts before her July birthday.  Maryn is five months pregnant with baby #2, another girl due in October!

Slouchy Gauntlets for Mimi

One more green to add to the list in these last day’s of the GREEN month!

Do you have any last minute projects planned before the end of the month?

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16 Responses

  1. Cheryl

    They are lovely! The wool might not be perfect for summer, but the colour certainly is! I’m sure they’ll be a welcome reminder of warmer days when the temperature drops :)

  2. Vicki

    Oooh, those are so lovely! The color is perfect!!

    I am knitting furiously to finish a shawl that wasn’t even on my radar 10 days ago… I’ve had some issues with the edging, so we’ll see. I’d love to have it finished by the end of the month, but it’s more likely to be finished over the weekend. I finished my “real” PS green project, so I’m good.
    ; )

  3. Dee

    I love the posing of the mitts with your sister’s baby bump. So cute!

    The mitts turned out lovely and I’m sure she’ll appreciate them come cooler weather!

  4. Seanna Lea

    These are lovely. You are so much better at preplanning than I. I will be working on mittens and fingerless gloves when the cold winds blow in February, when it is too little too late.

  5. Josiane

    What a thoughtful gift in prevision of her move! Those mitts are lovely, and will certainly get lots of use.

  6. Erica

    The color of that yarn is gorgeous!!!

  7. Jenna

    Beautiful project in beautiful yarn! I love the belly pic, too, it looks fab. Yay for family time! xoxo

  8. Ady

    The color on these mitts is gorgeous!

  9. Birgitte

    They are beautiful! I’m not a green person, but this particular colour is gorgeous!

  10. margaux

    Gorgeous!! I finished a Wurm hat in green… but haven’t taken shots yet! I gotta get on that today!

  11. Kenoshia

    They are so pretty. I’m sure she will love them. They are definitely necessary here in Virginia come winter!

  12. Maike

    Those are great, the colour is super! I can’t believe how decorative the simple ridges look. I’m currently trying to catch up with my summer knitting but once again it became clear that I should knit summer stuff during winter and the other way round. Otherwise the items won’t be finished in time for the season I actually want to wear them =/

  13. margarita

    Lolly, the mitts are beautiful and the color is superb. What a wonderful gift!!

  14. Cassy

    EXCELLENT shade of green.

  15. Harpa J

    How lovely!

    I do actually have a last minute project planned, but it’s a very big and very happy secret ;-)

  16. anji

    Soooo gorgeous! And the purl ridges add such a neat detail – simple but effective. And the color is like a pretty lawn after a good rain – zaftig!

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