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Jingu Cardigan
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Jingu Cardigan

Another finished adult-sized garment for the year.  Grand total of 2.  Hmmm, need to up the ante.

This cardigan, Jingu from Berroco #308 collection (Ravelry notebook link), was a simple knit with a fun detail:  the drawstring neckline.  This is just the kind of knit I needed to get back into the groove – and it worked!  Because now I want to KNIT EVERYTHING.

Jingu Short-Sleeved Cardigan

Jingu Short-Sleeved Cardigan


Yarn was Berroco’s Vintage DK – a great acrylic/wool blend that has NO squeak or unnatural sheen. I’ll definitely keep this yarn in mind for future projects because it has a nice hand, drape, and even with the acrylic content, blocked well.

Beads for the drawstring were a little splurge – carved wooden beads and antler (gathered AFTER they are shed) beads from Beadazzled in downtown DC. My knit night friends helped me choose these, and they are what makes this one special. Now, just to make sure those special beads don’t get in the way when I am cooking…

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22 Responses

  1. Cassy

    Excellent color choice! It looks fabulous on you. I too want to knit everything, and even more now that I see all the cool stuff peeps are doing on G+. Sigh.

  2. sprite

    It looks great on you. Congratulations!

  3. Seanna Lea

    Your new cardigan looks super comfortable and has a great fit and color on you. Awesome job!

  4. C.


    Nice colour on you too!

  5. Beverly

    The color is perfect on you! So pretty!

  6. margaux

    looks gorgeous Lolly!! Love the color! :-)

  7. mick

    This is so lovely, and the color is very “you.”

  8. Jenna

    Another beauty completed by Ms. Lolly. Love the color and special details! I’m so glad you have a knit night group, too. It’s amazing how having that stability with friends really makes for a special relationship. xoxo

  9. Miss Scarlett


  10. Josiane

    The cardigan looks great on you, and I agree: the drawstring neckline is a neat detail. I like how the yarn’s color is reflected in your earrings – it’s lovely!

  11. Leslie

    Pretty!!! I’m glad you like the Vintage — I *just* started a shawl project with the worsted version and I was a little nervous about the acrylic content but so far so good for me too! :)

  12. Jacey

    It’s gorgeous, L. I bought some of the Worsted version of that yarn late last year, and I’m hoping to get started with it soon. It really is a nice-feeling yarn. I’ve recently started feeling a craving for knitting again. It’s a great feeling!

  13. kala

    Very nice, the color is lovely!

  14. Rowena Philbeck

    Very pretty and I love the color. I don’t think I have ever seen a draw string sweater. Really cool. I also got in a slump of knitting. I was just spinning. Now making a baby blanket for my bosses wife.

  15. Emily

    Stunning! Glad to hear your knitting mojo is returning in full force! :)

  16. Kimberli MacKay

    Looks great!!! After a few days of cooler weather I’m back to the needles. Planning Christmas gifts!

  17. Avice

    Little late to the commenting party. :) But the sweater looks super and the color, as others have noted, is lovely.

  18. Lissette

    I love the sweater! It looks amazing. I think I may have to knit it too.

  19. Hilary

    What an adorable cardi and it looks great on you! I love how the neckline ruffles a little bit…very pretty. And thanks for the Berroco Vintage recommendation. I’ll have to check it out!

  20. Nik

    That neckline is really darling.

  21. Bethany

    I love the color and the sweater looks great on you. I really like the drawstring neckline.

  22. yarnydays

    This is beautiful! A great color choice.. that looks awesome on you…

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