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Cables and Lace
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Cables and Lace

Before the earthquake, before the hurricane, and before the deluge that fell upon the mid-Atlantic over the past few weeks, there was a quiet mild weekend that we went for a photo walk…

Brown's Bridge Recreation Area

We took the dogs to the reservoir where Kris caught this particularly hilarious gem - a blue heron “relieving itself” so gracefully as it flies through the air (we’ve had several good laughs about this one!)

I just so happened to have a finished sweater to photograph as well…

Nesselrode Pullover

Nesselrode Pullover: Yarn Detail

Pattern: Nesselrode from Berroco #288
Yarn: Dalegarn Sisik
Needles: US 5 and 6
Ravelry Notebook Page

The sweater flew off the needles in less than a month.  The simple construction coupled with the cable and lace element on the front make this a great go-to sweater for the upcoming fall and winter.  The pattern is meant to be oversized and comfy, but I didn’t want the “potato sack” appearance, so I erred on the smaller oversize look.  I’m happy with the way it turned out.  I’m happy that this sweater brought my knitting mojo back in full force (I have plenty more to share in some catch-up posts!)

Do you have some comfy fall knits planned?


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25 Responses

  1. Josiane

    The sweater looks fantastic on you! The yarn is great, and that turtleneck looks so cozy… You’re absolutely right: perfect sweater for fall and winter!

  2. em o

    i love this sweater and need to see it in person soon! it looks fantastic and so do you supa knitta!

  3. cauchy09

    pretty pretty sweater! i’m thinking of committing to my second sweater project ever. maybe.

  4. stacey

    Gorgeous. You AND the sweater :)

  5. iSeL

    Glad you and your knitting mojo are back! Lovely sweater and it fits your perfectly. I’m working on Olga’s Shadow pullover and hoping to have it done before winter gets here. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Suvi

    It’s beautiful and looks fantastic on you! I’m swatching at the moment, trying out several stitch patterns.
    ps. the photo of blue heron is hilarious!

  7. andrea

    love that sweater! and oh my. kris’ picture is hilarious! graceful indeed!

    i have lots of socks of the brain. stripes. stocknette. ribbed. knee high. mid-calf. since i have a robust sock stash, i think this is a good thing.

  8. PrairiePoppins

    I’m just about to separate the sleeves on my Textured Circle Shrug, and the simple top-down raglan construction feels like coming home, the way that knitting a sweater in fall ought to.

  9. LeslieB

    Looks great on you! And I agree with the long sleeves option — I like my wrists to be warm as well as my neck when it gets cold!

    I’m gearing up to do the Cardiff Coat that’s on the cover of the Fall Interweave Knits. I’m ready to knit something bulky that will hopefully be finished quickly, unlike all the DK-weight projects I’ve done recently.

  10. whitney

    That sweater looks amazing on you, and you look amazing in it!

    As for comfy fall knits, I’m plugging away on my second garter rib cardigan, which I hope will be a nice snuggly warm thing to wear when nothing else will fit over my giant belly :) Also plotting some knits for the munchkin, who I’m sure will need warm things considering they’re due to be born just before December!

  11. Cassy

    Love that sweater! It looks both warm and delicate at the same time. You have such a nice smile in that pic too! I’m in the middle of Creature Comforts Cardi, have to finish the collar on Larch Cardigan, and the sleeves on Minimalist Cardigan. Cardigans galore!!!

  12. JelliDonut

    Love the fit and the color. Really pretty!

  13. Yarnyoldkim

    What a lucious sweater! So glad the blue heron didn’t fly over & poo on your lovely sweater!

  14. Sarah

    The sweater is lovely! Looks great on you. The heron picture is cracking me up, talk about timing!

  15. Genevieve

    Love the lace panel, makes for a fantastic sweater! I have to get going on all my winter stuff for the kids now that school has started. Hats, mitts (ringo?), sweaters (dragons for the boy & tomten for the girl).

  16. Chandler

    The sweater is absolutely delicious—you’ve got me eyeing my long-neglected needles, now that fall has announced its arrival around here.

    Welcome back!

  17. Magrit

    I don’t like to mix colorful wool and braids … but this sweater turned out quite good :)
    Autumn is the best time to knit, I think…. so much color in the nature, makes me think of all combinations for my next sweater or cowl …. :)

  18. Seanna Lea

    Your sweater is great. I just finished a sweater last night and I couldn’t be more pleased (I’m not wearing it today, because I wanted to show it off on Saturday).

  19. Alli

    I love your sweater! I just finished a sweater in a really similar color! Mine is a Mandel in Silky Tweed in a black with pink and orange flecks.
    I have been knitting away on the sweaters and I’m glad sweater weather is starting to arrive everywhere else (since it’s always sweater weather here).

  20. Moni

    Beautiful! I am planning to make that owl cable pullover this fall. I bought some good bulky icelandic wool for it. Super excited to get started!

  21. Tressa in NC

    Pretty sweater. You made it just in time, too, apparently, since we’re all experiencing an unusual cold front from Canada. What else do you have to show us?

  22. Keri

    Less then a month for a sweater?! That’s amazing and it’s a lovely sweater.

  23. rena

    I enjoy your lovely sweater !! it’s raining today that’s the best time to knit :) best regards from austria , rena

  24. Christabel

    This is lovely! I’m particularly fascinated by the combination of lace and cables here–it’s really effective.

  25. margaux

    beautiful sweater lolly!! :-) I have more knits planned than time!

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