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Summer of [Book] Love
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Summer of [Book] Love

My book to knit ratio is pretty low… this summer has truly been a summer of reading. I have some more time on my hands (still job searching…) and I am filling my time with job applications as well as frequent trips to the library.  Need to get out and see people – socialize!  Nothing better than the free services of your local public library! (do it!)

Finishing Sunday: Danya Hat and Reading

My new hat (Ravelry notebook page for details) was a fun knit, with a fun yarn – an angora/wool blend.  Just enough fuzzy halo to be nice and not get stuck in your eyelashes and lips.  Added bonus that the cables formed a nice little flower pattern on top too!

So, my rate is one knit to about eight books… here are some of the highlights from the summer of [book] love:

The Lost City of Z:  A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon : a biography and adventure travelogue rolled into one.  Fascinating story of Percy Fawcett, the British explorer who was lost in the Amazon in his search for the lost city of gold – coded as “Z” by Fawcett.  The author retraces some of Fawcett’s steps through Brazil, and uncovers some of the mysteries that still revolve around his mysterious disappearance in the mid-1900s.

Centuries of June: A Novel : Reading this book was like dissecting a Dali – surreal, fantastic, with small bits of recognizable traits from “real life” but otherwise, a dreamscape when time and space don’t jive. The book is a dying man’s look back on history – through the eyes of eight women and a male “guide” that morphs from his late father to Samuel Beckett, to his living brother…  unlike anything I’ve ever read.  Very memorable.

World Without Fish : The book is a call to arms on protecting the oceans, and specifically practicing sustainable fishing. He clearly states that in 50 years, the oceans will look very different than they do today (like the title says a “world without fish”). The book is heavily illustrated with intermittent “comics” following a ocean scientist and his daughter, but there is also quality science writing here. This book would be a useful text for classrooms and educational settings.

Ragged Edge of the World: Encounters at the Frontier Where Modernity, Wildlands, and Indigenous Peoples Meet : Gosh, this book was fabulous. Linden has such an engaging style – like you are just having a casual conversation. Each chapter is an essay that focuses on a location or people group that he has encountered during his long career as a foreign correspondent and journalist.

Robopocalypse : Told in a report format, the reader learns the history of the “New War” – the robot uprising against humanity – through the stories of the ones fighting in various locations – primarily the US, but also the UK, Japan, and Afghanistan. If you are a sci-fi fan, you will eat this one up like candy. I sure did!

(Full reviews of these and many more on my GoodReads page!)

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6 Responses

  1. Misty

    Wow, what a lovely hat! I saw a PBS program (Secrets of the Dead) on the Lost City of Z just recently and found it to be really fascinating! I managed more knits than books this summer but I kept up pretty well with books by listening to Librivox audio books.

  2. Josiane

    Thanks for sharing your recent reads! It sounds like Ragged Edge of the World would be right up my alley.
    What a great hat! Lovely pattern and beautiful work!

  3. Kathy

    Love the hat!

    Keep telling us about the books you’ve read. I don’t always have the same tastes as you, but I’ve gotten some good ideas from you (The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet, for one)!

  4. Susan

    I always love your book reviews on Goodreads! I have had The Lost City book marked as “to read” for over a year since a friend recommended to me when she was reading it. Time to move it up in the pile. You and my son got me into graphic novels too.

  5. Seanna Lea

    That is a lovely hat.

    I have read a lot of books this summer, but I haven’t really kept track. Most of what I read is trashy and simple. Like television in a more palatable book form.

  6. yvette

    Many knitters love reading as well, don’t they? It’s ridiculous that, except in the case of the extremely multi-talented, we can’t do both at the same time and must choose between our two favourite occupations!

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