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Keep Tahoe Blue! (and Socktoberfest!)
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Keep Tahoe Blue! (and Socktoberfest!)

Seven years of Socktoberfest! I can hardly believe that this experiment of a nascent sock knitter has lasted this long and grown into such a fun annual event.  Are you planning to cast on for some socks for Socktoberfest 2011?

(thanks to Ravelry user Natasha for the cute 2011 graphic!)

I’ve been enjoying a little vacation in the national parks and mountains of California – Yosemite and Lake Tahoe (and you better believe I have about a million photos to prove it!)  – but I knew that Socktoberfest was just around the corner.  The group on Ravelry is all ready to go with over 1600 participants, and this seems like the ideal place to share ideas and feedback  – go check out the group!

As I (so often) do when traveling, I stopped by a local yarn shop in South Lake Tahoe, The Wool Tree, and found a particularly fetching blue sock yarn – something so warm and saturated that I will always remember where I got it!  This particular photo, taken on the shore of Lake Tahoe, doesn’t show the deep colors of the lake, but this yarn is a good indicator of what it looks like at certain times of the day!  Amazing.

Socktoberfest - Lake Tahoe + Yarn

The yarn colorway is just a number, so I am (un)officially renaming this colorway “Keep Tahoe Blue” after the ubiquitous bumper stickers and the non-profit organization that draws attention to the environment, the beauty, and the fun, of this beautiful area.

Much more to come…


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17 Responses

  1. Josiane

    Socktoberfest couldn’t have started at a better time: it’s been rainy and quite chilly (just a few degrees over the freezing point!) here today – just the thing to put one in the mood to knit a pair of socks! Happy Socktoberfest!

  2. Kathy

    What a gorgeous blue yarn!

    Can’t wait to see your Tahoe pics. I’ve never been there but it’s on my list.

  3. C.

    I look forward to seeing what sort of sock emerges from the lovely yarn =D

  4. Lauren

    That is a really cute pic of you!

  5. Hege

    Beautiful blue colour!
    I’m going to knit socks this month :) Just need to cast off a sweater fisrt ;)

  6. Rebecca

    The weather has turned chilly here, so Socktoberfest is perfect, plus I have plenty of train knitting time. Now I just have to find the right pattern.

  7. maryse

    i have to finish one little project first and then i’m casting on. it’s been a couple of months since i’ve had socks on the needles.

  8. Hannah

    I’m casting on some socks! Going to give handspun toe-ups another try, but this time I’m armed with books, not just the internet! Goal is to have one pair of socks by the end of the month.

  9. Leslie

    I have been so enjoying your Tweets about my favorite place on earth! I have blogged many a time about Tahoe. Here’s a sampling (including winter photos):
    I can’t wait to see your photos!

  10. katebee

    Socktoberfest already? Where does the time go?

    (That blue yarn is lovely!)

  11. Cassy

    I am always casting on socks! I’m thinking of starting the Bacchus Socks in some Tosh Sock. I can’t stop buying sock yarn, so I guess I have to keep knitting it! I need to make myself finish up the ribbing and sleeves on the Creature Comforts Cardi first.

  12. Linda

    Happy Socktoberfest Lolly! If you have a chance to get over to Reno, check out Jimmy Bean’s Wool. It’s a wonderful shop!

  13. pip

    That yarn is such a beautiful colour… looking forward to seeing what you knit with it :)

  14. Rowena Philbeck

    What beautiful yarn!! Happy Socktobergest!! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Carol H

    I have one pair of toe up socks done for a 2 year old and am fast knitting the 3rd sock of for her 4 year old sister. toe up socks in Patons Kroy socks stripe 56615, which has lots of purple, pink and peach. the girls are loving the color changes and stripes. Amazingly fast to knit socks for a 4 inch long foot! Only one full one and the heel and top of the one on my needles. Fun to knit for someone small after a summer of cotton sweaters and wool shawls for grown ups.

  16. Margarita

    I love your picture!! and that blue!!!! I will be checking your page for the Tahoe and Yosemite pictures to re-live my visit, what ? 36 years ago??? that’s a lot. I still remember those wonderful days and me in awe with all that beauty. Really something!

  17. Chandler

    Wishing you a bountiful Socktoberfest! I love that blue, too—the NW grey appears to have settled in for the season, so I’m dreaming of deep cobalt blue, desert skies.

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