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Knit a Squarey
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Knit a Squarey

The allure of Jess Hutchinson’s knit toy designs (Rav link) is that they are simple, yet so cute.  Take Squarey for instance:

Two 12 x 12 squares, sewn together with arms and legs, eyes and mouth around a pillow form:  An anthropomorphic pillow doll!  Squarey is a gift for my niece V, who just celebrated her 2nd birthday.  V also just got a baby sister – Baby Lulu was born on Friday!  That means I am auntie 4x over, and I just love it!  Hopefully V will be willing to share Squarey doll with her sister when they cuddle up to read or watch a movie.

I used some sample yarns that I received from the good people at Red Heart -Debbie Stoller’s Stitch Nation Washable Ewe worsted weight wool, and a few worsted weight scraps of my own to make Squarey’s stripes.  Arms and legs are filled with bamboo polyfill.  Squarey is soft and comfy and after making him, I kind of want one of my own now. Would make a nice computer chair pillow!

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9 Responses

  1. Meredith

    So adorable! I want one too! The stripes at the bottom are just perfect!

  2. NerdGirl

    Oh my goodness! I just wanna reach through the computer and give Squarey a hug. I’m guessing that Squarey will be much loved by your niece.

  3. Cara Ross

    totes adorbs!!

  4. margaux

    TOO CUTE! I have that pattern in the knitting binder somewhere! It can see her hugging it a TON! :-)

  5. Seanna Lea

    Very cute. I’m trying to come up with my own toy patterns to make for friends. I love simple ideas like these.

  6. Josiane

    Adorable! I’m sure it’ll get lots of love!

  7. Hege

    Adorable! And congratulations on being an aunt again :)

  8. Susan

    Oh my heavens, how cute!!! Love those colors! I think I need to knit a square…

  9. Kristyn

    He is adorable. I want one too!

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