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Weekend Knitting + Rocking
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Weekend Knitting + Rocking

Early Birthday When a chair this inviting comes into your life, you just have to rock with it. Little back story: If you follow me on Twitter or Pinterest, you probably know that I have a thing for modern design.  Last fall, I started searching for the perfect modern rocking chair.  I found one in February at a local furniture studio, but the price was *ahem*, out of range.   So, when I received notice that this studio was having a huge sale, we just decided to check it out and see if the rocker was included in the festivity. Just my luck!  The stars aligned just right – we got the floor model at a deep discount… the week before my birthday! Walked right out of the store with it. I couldn’t be more excited about rocking (and knitting) away in this thing.

I spent some time breaking it in yesterday while I worked on this cowl that I started last week.  It makes for a pretty great knitting chair.  The only thing that would make it better?  A handknit colorwork pillow, of course!  I have some ideas in mind for that, but I probably won’t be casting on until the new year…

The call of the new Madelinetosh Merino Light was strong – and this unique slipped stitch patternreeled me right in.  This is the Brick Road Cowl by Madelinetosh (Rav link), and it looks much more complicated than it is.  I am closing in on the halfway point, and then I will reverse the colors for yellow bricks with the green/grey background.  I chose the Candlewick and Terra Verde colorways for this one – picked them up while visiting my parents in Pennsylvania.  It’ll be a stylish reversible neckwarmer for the coming winter.

Cowl in progress


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13 Responses

  1. pip

    What a beautiful rocking chair! I love the unusual cowl pattern too..

  2. Josiane

    What a gorgeous, gorgeous chair! It’s very cool that it’s now part of your life. Enjoy!

  3. Seanna Lea

    I have been looking at rocking chairs, though I’m a little further in the other direction. I’d love an old fashioned or rustic looking rocking chair.

  4. Hannah

    Totally love the chair and the knitting, Lauren!

  5. stephanie wahl

    That chair is beautiful! Would you mind emailing me about where you got it? I’m local to you so I’d love to go check that furniture studio out!

  6. sprite

    Nice chair! I love my rocking chair and sit in it all the time.

  7. idiosyncraticeye

    I want one! Perfect for knitting and chilling. :)

  8. Gecika

    My knitting chair just rotates in circles, some day I’ll have a rocking chair!

    I really love the cowl pattern, it looks so warm

  9. Barb

    That chair had your name on it. Lucky you! The cowl is really beautiful!

  10. Jacey

    It looks like a perfect knitting spot! And your cowl. Wow, I just love the colors you chose! I just finished my first stranded knitting project, and now I want more!!

    I missed out on your last few posts while I was out of town, but I have thoroughly enjoyed your Yosemite pictures. Stunning!

  11. Evelyn

    Because you held out and waited for the perfect chair, it entered your life!! Woo hoo … as for the cowl, I love the design and your color choices are so intriguing.

  12. Chandler

    Lovely rocker, lovely stitches! We’ve got an Amish-made rocker, and it’s sadly neglected at the moment. You’re inspiring me to go grab a book, some yarn, and have a seat!

  13. Jennhx

    Hi Lolly! Did you ever make a cushion for your lovely modern rocking chair? Just curious…

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