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You may remember my NaKniSweMo forays of the past (National Knit a Sweater Month) – I have participated a few times in the last few years, always able to come in right under the deadline of November 30th.  I got a late start this year, but I am hopeful that I can still pull it off.

Terra Reverse Cardi

This is my 3rd or 4th sweater from the German pattern magazine, Rebecca.  For several years, the magazine was also published in English, but when some harder times hit, they went back to their German-only format with a English insert pamphlet. It is nice to have a bare-bones translation, but knitting with a Rebecca pattern is an exercise in trust – and common sense.  You just have to have a feeling that it is going to work out, and if it looks weird, well, maybe you should just “do your own thing” for awhile.  This little philosophy has worked for me so far.  Hope it continues through this cardigan!

This pattern (while hard to see on the model because of the fashion styling with the big belt and the scarf) seemed like a cute stylish piece for the wardrobe.  I was especially drawn to the pockets. It took awhile to wrap my head around the whole idea of how this pocket was going to work, but once I knit it, and used that “knitter’s intuition”, it worked out well!  Still have to do the finishing details to add on, but this here is my first pocket. I am chuffed!

I am using The Fibre Company’s Terra yarn in the Nettles colorway.  This “nubby” yarn is working well with the reverse stockinette.  The fiber has some alpaca in it too, so it will be a cardigan to wear this winter.  I am waiting to see if I will have enough yarn to complete… I don’t want to cut corners, so one or two more skeins might be necessary.  In the meantime, I am knitting what I’ve got and hoping it will suffice.  If not, I should have enough time to order a bit more to finish by the end of the month!

What are you knitting on now?


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13 Responses

  1. Hannah

    It looks great Lauren, I love that color! It is going to be such a fun sweater. I need to set aside more time to work on mine, I am almost finished with my socks from Socktober…. hah!

  2. mick

    I love the colors of this sweater! I think you’re right; the shape will be lovely IRL without the random belting. I just finished knitting a little striped elephant toy for some friends who are expecting, I’m working on a moebius for a class I’m knitting, and my hubby has requested some fingerless mitts for morning dog walks, but all I want to do is cast on a sweater for me!

  3. Hanna

    What a beautiful yarn-fabric combination! I love reverse stockinette in the right yarn. And a very cool looking pocket!

  4. Meredith

    Love that color! I’m going to check out that Knit A Sweater month link! I started one at the beginning of the month. Something fun like that could help motivate me to actually finish it!

  5. Josiane

    That looks like the perfect cardigan: simple yet stylish, really comfy, and it has pockets! I would totally spend the whole winter wrapped in it! The color you’ve chosen is gorgeous, too; it will look fabulous on you.

  6. Evelyn

    I’ve admired the knits in Rebecca over the years but never have tried one. Yours is looking lovely — as others commented, the color is so pretty. I’m planning to cast on my sweater today (eeks) but have NO idea if I can finish it by November 30. We’ll see….

  7. Mary

    I’m bogged down on an official pullover for the 2010 Winter Olympics for my husband – no pattern just the cover photo of Outside magazine. I’m doing EZ’s EPS for the body and experimenting to achieve the same collar because it makes the design.

    But I need more cardigans!

  8. Leslie

    What a gorgeous color! I copied your “Forrest Pulli” from Rebecca and I totally agree about the instructions and the leap of faith!

  9. Jacey

    Ooh, love that yarn! I think it will make for a very cozy sweater. I just finished my first stranded project, and I’m about to jump back on a baby sweater test-knit that should have been finished a month ago. Hopefully, it won’t take me long!

  10. Cassy

    Lovely! I am knitting a cowl out of Terra. It’s gorgeous stuff. It’s going to be a magnificent sweater.

  11. Lauren

    LOVE the color! I’m glad you mentioned reverse stockinette, because I was wondering what side of the sweater that was a photo of :-) So pretty!

    I’m making a baby viking hat for a nerdy friend’s future baby. And a necklace for my mom (knitted, yes!). I figure I’ve knit her several other things, I might as well try jewelry!

  12. Seanna Lea

    I’m knitting a shawl for my MIL, but I only have time to work on it right now during my lunch breaks. I wonder if I have time to switch projects for a bit and work on a cardigan. It would be nice to have another one at work for when it gets cold.

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