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Winter is Coming
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Winter is Coming

Winter Sweater Plans

Making plans for winter sweaters is the highlight of my knitting year. With a million pattern choices (and a growing number of great ones everyday) it takes times to find the ones that you really want.  You match them up with yarns in the stash, or take a trip down to the LYS.  While I reserve the right to add or subtract, I am fairly certain that both of these sweaters are going to be on the needles in the coming weeks.  The Super Soul Cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone has been in my queue for a good while – I loved the geometric stranding and the pockets on this cozy cardigan.  Once I cast on, I will be using Berroco Vintage DK in navy for the main color, straw for the contrast, and I may pop it up with one more color – a wine red.  Mmm. Can’t wait. I’ve been dreaming of more colorwork (it never really stops…) and this will fit the bill nicely.

Kris’s anniversary sweater (this will be the 8th year and 8th sweater!) is always a cause for excitement. This Brownstone is my first BrooklynTweed pattern. I have some yummy grey Bartlett Yarn 2-ply in the stash that would work nicely… but I will admit that the Shelter that the pattern calls for is calling me too. Maybe I will just do two? I plan on some light modifications. I see this as a nice sweater to add to the growing repertoire! (See Kris’s other anniversary sweater here on Ravelry).

Winter is coming! (yes, a Game of Thrones reference, and stating the obvious seasonal shift), but I couldn’t be more happy – I do love this season most of all.

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9 Responses

  1. rachel

    I am loving the Super Soul Cardigan! Looks impossibly cozy. And I have a spool and a few skeins of Bartlett Yarn in my stash for a Larch Cardi… I am sure it will make an amazing Brownstone, too.

  2. Josiane

    Great pattern choices! I hadn’t yet seen the Brownstone, and I really like it. I have told my gentleman friend that I’ll knit a Cobblestone for him, and I really must get around to it, because now I want to see him in a Brownstone too!
    Happy winter knitting!

  3. Lauren

    Both of those look so cozy! If you try the Shelter yarn I hope you blog about it… I’m soooo curious, it’s like the prettiest yarn ever.

  4. Jody

    oh wow i never realized you’ve been doing a sweater for *every* anniversary! you put me to shame! i’ve completed one sweater for paul and have one more on the needles (and have frogged 2 or 3 sweaters as well). i will not be mentioning this blog post to him ;)

    that Super Soul cardi will be SO. COZY. it seems like it may be heavy enough to use as outerwear on some of the less extreme winter days as well. i like your color choices more than the pattern’s model and the idea of a little pop of wine red in there too. where are you thinking of adding it within the motif?

  5. Beverly

    Both are excellent choices! Hurrah for winter knitting!

  6. Jacey

    Both sweaters are awesome! I’m knitting a BT hat right now, and it just reiterates how much I love his style! And wow. 8 sweaters!! Incredible, Lolly!

  7. Cassy

    I LOVE the idea of an anniversary sweater. Congrats on 8 years! The Brownstone is a fantastic pattern for it.

  8. margaux

    i love both those choices, esp the sweater for Kris! I keep asking my husband if he’d like me to knit him one and sadly it’s always a no.. so he gets lots of hats! haha ;-)

  9. Miss Scarlett

    Love the Brownstone.
    Such memorable, meaningful anniversary gifts – handmade sweaters.

    About to start 3rd GoT’s book this weekend. :-)
    (still haven’t watched — looking forward to that…)

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