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Coming out of Hibernation
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Coming out of Hibernation

*rubs eyes*

Since this blog has been dormant for the entirety of the winter season (as mild as it was), I guess I can say that it was hibernating… and now that the VERNAL EQUINOX is here, she wakes up!

*blink blink*

In short, the last few months have been great. 2011 threw me for a loop with unexpected changes and a long adjustment period; I welcomed 2012 with open arms and a renewed sense of purpose… and things are working out quite well!

What have I been up to all this time? I like infographics, so I’ll use one to show you:

If you follow me on Goodreads or Twitter, then none of these things will come as a surprise – I have been reading and writing like a fiend. Unfortunately, the writing did not translate to blog writing (yeah, I know, doesn’t make sense – but no time like the present, right?) More on that later…

I have been traveling and road tripping.  Eastside coasting right up and down Interstate 95 and beyond: many trips to Pennsylvania – both the far west to Pittsburgh for a anniversary / hockey-filled weekend and Philly in the east to visit my parents and most recently, the Philadelphia Flower Show (also stopped by several PA spots in between: Gettysburg and Hershey), many times to northern Virginia to see my sister and my nieces who moved in  January, and a long weekend fun trip to North Carolina over the President’s Day holiday). Next month, we’re off to Wisconsin, and then I’m planning a super big + super fun road trip for May…

Gardening and hiking are picking up with the unseasonably warm weather, and I plan to share more of what we’re up to there too. …and my cooking? well, I am enjoying it now more than ever before – I love every bit of the process, and now with the beginning of the season, I look forward to many months of fresh produce and creativity in the kitchen. I will share some of what I have cooking with photos and recipes.

Note Taking

The biggest project – the one that has picked me up and helped me wake up with a smile on my face – is actually a return to something that I have always loved. I am writing a novel. I started preliminary work in January, and really dug into research in February. The process is teaching me a lot about personal discipline and commitment – it is hard work! I joined a local writer’s group, and last week I shared an excerpt in front of the whole group. I was nervous, but it turned out really great. This whole process of writing and researching is the kind of stuff that really makes me tick (always a librarian, I guess!) and while I have loads of work to do, I am so excited about this project. (Teaser: it is a historical piece inspired by real events in the early 1900s).

…and the knitting will just have to wait for the next post… while the writing and research have been my #1 in the attention department, I have managed to knit several things too! Stay tuned.

Oh, and by the way – Thanks for reading my blog! 

(and if you would like to leave a comment, it is easy: click on the title above “Coming Out of Hiberation” in this case, and the comment form will be at the bottom of the post) This new blog format has prompted several questions about commenting.

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36 Responses

  1. Beverly

    Welcome back! Congrats on getting the novel going. It sounds intriguing. I love that time period and am anxious to hear more! Don’t be away so long this time, okay?

  2. Moni

    hooray! So good to see your back! And so good to see you happy. Looking forward to reading your novel Miss Lolly!

  3. Carole

    Welcome back to you and to spring!

  4. Maryse

    Hey good for you!! Glad you’ve beeN working on something great!!

  5. S. J. Pajonas

    So super proud of you for taking on the writing! I know it’s hard but it’s so rewarding and I think you’ll really love your end product :) It’s been great sharing the experience with you! And you know I always love the knitting and everything else. Nice to see you back on the blog! xo

  6. Josiane

    Though I’ve seen glimpses of what you were up to on Twitter, it’s nice to get the more-than-140-characters-at-a-time version here! It’s great that this new year came with a renewed sense of purpose… Hooray for projects that make you wake up with a smile, hooray for writing your novel!
    When I read that you’re planning a super big and fun road trip, I can’t help but wonder… Montreal? You still have to see the Canadiens playing at home, right? Don’t forget to let me know when you end up coming around here!

  7. Hilary

    Nice to see you back here! Sounds like you’ve been working on some pretty cool stuff — I can’t wait to hear more about the novel!

  8. Eleanor (undeadgoat)

    Where in Wisconsin? I may be able to give you a few suggestions if you’re spending time in the Madison area!

  9. Julia

    She’s back!! Hurray! we missed you!

  10. Bobbie in AK

    Glad to see you back at the blog. Writing a novel? How cool!

  11. Jen

    I was so glad to see on Twitter that you’re back to writing in the blog! You’re posts are always so inspiring!

  12. Sarah

    Welcome back!

  13. Lauren

    Yay she’s back! :-)

  14. Heather

    Good to see you posting again! Best wishes for the novel. Historical fiction is a BIG favorite of mine. Can’t wait to read it!!


  15. Estella

    Glad your’e back! Can’t wait to hear more as your novel progresses – brava!

  16. Jennifer

    Hello my friend! So nice to hear from you – and to hear that you are well. Best of luck with your novel. I’m sure it will be a roaring success.

    PS – It was such a nice surprise to see your blog in bold on my Google Reader. : D

  17. Erin

    It’s good to see you back Lauren! Congratulations on the start of your novel. That’s so exciting! I’ve started blogging again myself, but completely changed everything (my old blog was Skein Street, it’s been a long time!)
    I hope you took lots of pictures on these adventures you’ve been off having! I’m sure you could fill quite a few posts just with those. Anyway, it’s good to see you back!

  18. laura

    i’ve been noticing a lot of writing books on Goodreads and historic non-fiction. You go Lauren! As someone who looooooooooooooves historical books, I’ll be excited to read it! :-)

  19. margene

    Always enjoy following your life adventures and love seeing you back in blogland!

  20. Beverly

    Happy spring!

  21. Janet

    While you’ve been terribly missed, I always anticipate your return to blogging — because you’ve always been up to something great! I’m so excited that you’re writing a novel. When it’s published, I’ll be reading it!

  22. Jennifer

    Count me as another who is glad to see you coming back – I do love reading about your adventures! And a book- Yay!

  23. Pam

    I’m usually a lurker – but have to say WELCOME BACK – you have been missed . I was even checking your Rav posts to be sure nothing untoward had happened (does that look like stalking? I’m not really).

    So pleased everything is well, and so many wonderful things are happening for you – good luck with the writing :) Pam

  24. Evelyn

    Welcome back to blogland! Nice to read that 2012 has been filled with so many creative and inspiring things. Writing is so yin/yang, isn’t it? I hope through it all, you enjoy the process. Looking forward to seeing your WIPs and FOs!

  25. LeslieB

    It’s wonderful to have you back! You’ve been missed!

  26. Rowena Philbeck

    Lolly, I have been wondering where you have been. Sounds like you have been really busy with all that you do from writing to traveling. Can’t wait to read your novel when you are finished. Glad to have you back. In this day and time of people being layed off its nice to see someone putting it to good use and keeping busy. Take Care

  27. PrairiePoppins

    I had a feeling you were working on a novel, what with your queue at Goodreads going gang-busters on writing books! I’m happy for you.

    And happy you’re back here. Snippets on Goodreads and Flickr are nice, reading paragraphs of thought really do make a difference in feeling connected.

  28. Kristyn

    So glad to see you back. Good luck with the novel.

  29. Stacey

    Glad to see you back! And I love the new look :)

  30. Chandler

    Welcome back, and congratulations on the novel! I’m getting ready to come out of my little hibernating cave, too…thank you for inspiring me, as always! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures—past, present and future.

    Happy writing!

  31. Petunia

    Glad you’re back – combine hiking and photography; do the RED Trail at Bushkill Falls, PA. Go around counter-clockwise.

  32. kelli ann

    glad to read a new post! it’s good to read about your new projects and achievements, it is also inspiring for your readers ;-) as we sometimes look to others for motivation to get those items on the list crossed off!

  33. Constance Ward

    welcome back! You were missed. It’s exciting you’re realizing a dream and writing your novel. Good luck

  34. Jacey

    I’m glad things are going so well for you, Lolly! Your book sounds very interesting, and I’ve been enjoying seeing your goodreads updates pop up!

  35. molly

    Hi Lolly! Glad to hear you are back and am looking forward to following your novel progress. Sounds like you have made a good start!

  36. Tina B

    Hi Lolly,
    I am longtime reader and lurker and am excited to see you back to blogging. I’m even more excited to read that you are working on a novel. I recently released a historical novel and while my research was not intensive, as it’s based on my parents’ experiences (and so I could simply call them!) I understand how much work it is to write one and organically incorporate research so it’s not jarring or too academic for the reader.

    If you ever want to talk shop via email or Twitter (@TinaBoscha), let me know. And, happy writing!

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