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Knits: Playing Catch Up
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Knits: Playing Catch Up

Not only am I thrilled that you still read this blog, but you actually take the time to write heart-warming notes too. Many thanks.

As noted earlier, this mild winter was not as full of knits as previous years, but I did manage to keep up my tradition of Kris’s anniversary sweater. I finished it 4 days after said anniversary (and if you recall – this was a big one – Kris and I celebrated 10 years in January.)


You will recall that the pattern was completely in Japanese – a language I cannot read, unfortunately – although there were charts and schematics. I used my knitty senses to the nth degree on this one! When I finished it and sewed it all up, I was disappointed to see that I had a tunic… for an orangutan. Long sleeves – past the fingers, and a hemline that went way past the waist. I was upset, butI re-grouped quickly, sought some advice on Twitter, and decided to do a hot water bath and an air dry. What a difference – It fit him perfectly!

I used Patons Wool in Burgundy – a good “work horse” yarn. I like the way the color turned out, and so does Kris. In fact, he said this may be his favorite sweater yet. High praise. Too bad he didn’t get to wear it much – but here’s hoping we get some cold temps and big snowstorms NEXT winter!

A cowl was just the right amount of layer for this weather -I finished my Madelinetosh Brick Road Cowl in late December:

Brick Road Cowl


I wore this many times. I love the colors and the reversible sides. The Tosh Merino Light was a dream to work with… no surprises there. I look forward to adding some more to my stash… the yarn shop near my mom’s house in PA had a nice stock… will have to check it out again on my next trip.

Hats and baby knits were also on the needles this winter…

Spring knits are in my mind now, and I am drawn to all of the light shawl patterns. Maryland gets pretty steamy, so realistically, shawls will have to wait for next fall, but there are so many that I have my eye on – and a lot of yarn in the stash to make them many times over…



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31 Responses

  1. Jenn

    I love how Kris’s sweater turned out, way to work your knitterly senses!

  2. NerdGirl

    The sweater is gorgeous. I’m glad that a hot water bath was able to shrink it to just the right size because it would be a crime for all of that hard work to be for naught.

  3. Marilyn Terrell

    Looks greats on him. I’m glad you didn’t have to give it away to an orangutan.

  4. ccr in MA

    Happy anniversary–what a great sweater! And saved by the hot water, whew.

  5. Leslie

    I *love* everything, but most of all I love that you’re blogging again! :) (And, you know, you can wear shawls in chilly San Francisco no matter what the season – so knit one & come visit!)

  6. Beverly

    The sweater looks fabulous! I can’t believe it shrunk up perfectly. I’d never have that luck. The cowl is lovely too! Isn’t Tosh Light fabulous stuff? I have a shawlette made out of it and I love it!

  7. Preeti

    Congratulations on 10 years!! What a tremendous feat, knitting an entire adult sweater pattern in Japanese. The sweater turned out great!!

  8. Tina

    Congrats on the 10 years! The sweater is great! Kris looks so good in it, the colour fits him perfectly. Love that cowl, too! These colours go so nice together.
    Who says we have to knit a lot to produce something pretty ;-)

  9. cauchy09

    hooray! that sweater is super manly and lovely.

  10. Sarah

    Kris can really rock the drop shoulder look — not many people can, in my opinion! Really love the colors you chose for your cowl, too. Tosh colors do me in every time.

  11. Julianna

    Beautiful finished objects! I’m so happy that you are blogging again, too! The photos you post of your work are so inspirational!

  12. Evelyn

    Duly impressed by your knitterly skills. Japanese, really? And you worked it all out to create this incredible sweater? It is a 10th anniversary sweater if I ever saw one!

  13. Jen

    Kris’ sweater came out awesome! I love the color….and the fact you knit him one each year! My husband doesn’t wear sweaters and I so wish he did so I could make him one. Although I said I’d make my daughter a sweater each year for her birthday. She’s only 2. I made her 1 when she was a newborn. And that’s it. And they are tiny soooo maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t decide to make my husband one a year! The cowl is gorgeous too. I’m so glad you’re back in this space!

  14. spajonas

    I love that sweater on Kris. You did such an excellent job!

  15. Lauren

    Gorgeous sweater… I can’t believe you knit from a japanese pattern! Wow.

  16. Jennifer

    Kris’ sweater is wonderful! And now I have to go look at the cowl pattern – that is just lovely!

  17. Cyndy

    Happy Anniversary,Happy Sweater! Slip Knot is my favorite LYS. I’ve lived inthe area for 6 years but only recently discovered it.

  18. Rowena Philbeck

    The sweater is beautiful and does fit him well. Love the patterns on it too. GREAT JOB!!!! Glad you are back with blogging again.

  19. Em O

    Kris’ sweater is gorgeous! You did such an amazing job! And the brick road cowl is on my list of things to knit…maybe you can help me pick out some tosh merino light for it!

  20. Josiane

    Wow, you did a fabulous job with that Japanese pattern! Kris’ sweater is wonderful.
    I love the colours you’ve chosen for the cowl, they work really well together. I also really like how the hand-dyed yarn catches the light – it looks radiant! I have yet to see a skein of Madeline Tosh in real life, but seeing your pics is tempting me into ordering some…

  21. Beverly

    The sweater looks great on Kris! Bravo!! I love that your cowl is reversible. What a fun way to get the most out of the cool colors!

  22. Margaux

    gorgeous knit for Chris and happy anniversary! I was just thinking today about you and your blog – I’ve been on a month hiatus too, sometimes life gets at you I guess! Good to see you “back”. :-)

  23. rj

    Glad to see you’re back to blogging. Your Rav page is the reason I picked up some Madeline Tosh when I was traveling. The colors were so vivid.
    I love, and am also exhausted, at the thought of doing an entire sweater in a foreign language pattern. Go you! You did a fabulous job.

  24. rositta

    Nice job, good to see you back. Quick question, how hot was the water and how long did you leave it in? I have a cardi from the same wool that is huge but I’ve been afraid to do what you did for fear of felting the sucker…ciao

  25. Norah

    Congrats to you & Kris on your 10 years together! Love the sweater!

  26. Kristyn

    The sweater is gorgeous. I give you totaly props for working a pattern in a foreign language.

  27. idiosyncratic eye

    Aw, congratulations on your anniversary! I like the colour work on that cowl and what an unusual pattern on the jumper shoulders! :)

  28. Erin

    I love that the sweater turned out well! There’s nothing more disappointing than to have worked so hard on it only to have it not fit. It looks wonderful and I’m glad he loves it so much! Your cowl is gorgeous as well!

  29. Jacey

    I love your yearly tradition to knit a sweater for Kris. This newest one is so handsome, and I’m glad the fit worked out after washing. I also love that cowl! I still haven’t tried Tosh Merino Light, but I want to…soon!

  30. Sasha

    Lovely knits as always, Lolly. Love the patterning on the jumper, and those gorgeous jewel tones in your cowl. Congratulations on ten years together – very special

  31. Chandler

    I love how this turned out. Congratulations on deciphering the pattern so beautifully. Happy 10th Anniversary—Kris is one lucky guy!

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