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About Lolly
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About Lolly

Thank you for visiting my blog, LollyKnitting Around!

Nesselrode Pullover My “real” name is Lauren Weinhold, and I live in Maryland with my husband, Kris, and our pets, Jen, Bella (canines) and Rusty and Quincy (felines).

This blog was born from my passion for writing, crafts and photography. I learned to knit in November 2003, and discovered the vibrant community of crafters online soon afterward.  I jumped into the blogosphere in 2003 on Livejournal, where I primarily reviewed books I was reading.  As my love for knitting increased, I decided to start this blog in July 2004. Although my blog’s title relates to my favorite craft, which I write about often, I also write extensively about my travels near and far, the books I am reading, my garden and cooking, and my nature adventures.  It’s great to see you here!


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  1. Claudia

    What a great introduction, and I love your new look (haircut and blog look)!

    I do hope you get published soon – it’s an amazing feeling of accomplishement.

    I have had a few articles published and several catalogue entries (in my previous life as an Egyptologist!) and I think the best of it though was seeing my parents burst with pride!

    Oh and by the way, your photos are getting better and better!

  2. isela

    Lolly, I love the new look of the blog. Everything looks so well arranged.

  3. Eugenie

    Hello Miss lolly my name is Eugenie I live in Montreal mom of three boys 12- 10- 8 – years old, I find your blog and I loved , I love knitting from I was a child my grand mother and my mother show mw how to do , then is my passion I knitt for a french compagnie Phildar, and friends . Im sorry for my English I was born in chile and i speak more french then english a few word to say to you cogratulation and beautifull blogs, the pictures,. my son who love photograph make the box you show in your site a few days ago, to take some pictures and he love the result thanks a lot and magnificent photos from Peru good luck with your projects

  4. Lisa

    Hi Lolly,
    Your site is beautiful. Making a photo box was on my list already, and then I found your tutorial complete with sample photos — awesome! Do you have a “subscribe to this blog” somewhere on the site? I am not finding it and would love to stay current with your projects and posts. Thanks!

  5. Tracy Titus

    Hey Girl!
    You look fantastic and I am SO proud of you! Loosing weight is no easy thing! And your web site is SO beautiful! Very professional. I was excited to see that my little jar from Thailand made it into the light box portion of your site:)! I love your photos! So vibrant! Hope to hear from you soon! xoxo, Tracy

  6. kelly jo

    Hey Lauren! I just started reading your blog and I had to comment after seeing you were from MD, grew up in WV and have a husband named Kris! I live probably no more than an hour from you, my husband grew up in WV and his name is Kris as well! Too funny! I love your new blog and photos! Can’t wait to see more in the future!

  7. tina


    Pretty please pop me an email? I have a request that I’d like to email YOU!!!!! That sounded really complicated didn’t it? I don’t see an email addy on your site or I’d circumvent the whole mess……….

    THANKS, I appreciate it!

  8. Kristy

    Hey! I stumbled upon your blog today – I really enjoy reading it! I too am a knitting archivist (and from Alabama, no less!), so I can definitely identify with your writings. Thanks so much for your great website. I plan on visiting often. All best and good luck!

  9. southerngirlmusings

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog from a link leading to your gorgeous sweater – love it! I too live in the DC Suburbs so it is always great to read another blog from someone nearby and a knitter makes it even better. Nice to meet you! :)

  10. KSee

    Nice to meet you. I’m looking to get a new camera and you are now the 2nd person using Canon Digital EOS Rebel XTi Kathy (Grumperina) uses it. Your blog came up as a side bar in my google reader. You are right in my backyard. I also read Strobist so I can learn more about taking better photos. You will be in my reader!! Now onto more reading, your blog is great and I have only made it to your current post and About me!

  11. Paige

    Hey there chickie!!

    Hope all is going well for you in 2008! Your site is just wonderful.
    Sorry it has been so long since I’ve sent a message.
    I could not find your email address, so this was the only was to get a message to you. :) Would you mind sending me your mailing address? I have some pictures to share from Chicago.

    Take care and talk soon,

  12. Prunila

    Dear Lolly,
    You have been working a lot in your blog. Incredible!
    I like it but … I would like to find all pullovers you have done -like a gallery- as before. I found it more difficult to find them now. I like Eunny’s with the list of knitted items.
    What do you think? It’s just an idea, I hope you don’t mind I say it here.
    All the best for you!

  13. Carol

    Hi Lolly,

    You don’t know me but I know you. You have been an inspiration to me through all the different areas of your life. I “met” you through project spectrum a couple years ago.

    I am adding you to my Tagged list because I would enjoy to hear your answers. See here for details:


  14. Leah

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. It is so well written and insightful, a joy to read. I love all your beautiful pictures too! So many things you write about are things I am interested in too. The books you read( I just finished In Defense of Food, and Omnivore’s Dilemma, and I just found The Zookeepers Wife at the library a few days ago) and the places you go( my fiance and I have plans to go to Nova Scotia soon) and the work you do. I just started working at a library and have plans to return to school to earn my MLS soon. I even played the trumpet in the band too!

  15. lolly

    Hey lolly, It’s amazing who you come across when searching the web! Reading this About page, you and I are almost identical in our interests, and except for the decades in between our ages; you’re younger, good looking, blonde; me, well, let’s say I’ve seen better days! :O) What is it about the ‘lolly’ name that gets it chosen? Why did you choose it? For me, it can mean a number of things — LOL-ly (I’m sure you know what that bit of computer jargon is all about, and it describes what I like to do the most), lolling about, lolly meaning candy, and so on. Of course, lolly also is not my real name (you can find that out by emailing me) and I live on the other side of the world from you, in Australia. So, small world… Cheers!

  16. Chloe


    I’ve been quietly reading your blog for the past four years, having stumbled onto it from…well I can’t even remember where. I’ve never commented, but have been following you quietly. This is one of my happy “go-to” places on the web. It’s always beautiful, always peaceful to come here and read and muse. Thank you for that, for creating this little haven. It’s very touching, what you do and share with your art (knitting..photography..writing…) Thank you.


  17. Anime With Ataru » Cosplay in NYC at Kinokuniya

    [...] A quick thanks to LollyKnit, for making her photos of Kinokuniya in NYC available for use through creative [...]

  18. Lisa

    I just stumbled upon your blog tonight (through a Ravelry link, I think)…it’s wonderful! I share a lot of your interests, including knitting and photography. All of your artwork is beautiful. I’ll be back often! :)


  19. Danny

    Hi, great blog! I just added it to my Google Reader’s subscription list. Do you have a Twitter?


  20. Lindsey

    Lauren! It was so great to see you again in Silver Spring. What a beautiful website you have here, if I ever take the knitting plunge I’ll be sure to let you know!

  21. Georgina

    Was just admiring your mum’s Aspa shawl as I am making the same one!! It is turning out well, but I was wondering about colour changes from one skein to the next. It is not easy to blend the yarn by carrying it up using two balls, and I assume the designer simply used one ball then the second. I think also the fact that the stitches are loose hides any colour demarcation. Was this the case in your mum’s shawl!! Can you see a colour change?

  22. Erin

    I’ve been reading your blog for the knitting, but I’m a vegetarian wanting to become vegan. Can you recommend any easy & simple vegan cookbooks? I work full-time and am in school, so I don’t have the time or energy for anything even slightly complicated. I also have zero cooking experience :-)


  23. Bea

    Dear Lolly,

    I am a beginner knitter and got to your site lookign for knitting blogs. Soon enough though I realsied your blog is a real gem and there is so much more I got a lot from reading your posts than just knitting.
    I am a “most often” vegan and also love practicing yoga… though I am no where as good as you.

    Thank you for being an inpiration for folks like me, in so may areas.


  24. Julia

    Hi Lolly!

    I love following your blog!

    As an history-student at Southern Denmark University, I also LOVE that you are an archivist – that must be one of the most interesting jobs I can emagine.

    I wish you well in your weightloss program and hope you will recover full from the Lyme Desease.


  25. Susan Gnatt

    Hey Lolly, so good to meet you in our class yesterday. I don’t know why it took until the end of the class to realize it was you. Now that I look at your blog again, there were a million clues, but the one that did it was when you mentioned yoga! Anyway, I think we’re going to have a lot of fun making these Dales (I hope!) and I look forward to seeing you in class!

  26. Wanda

    I really love your blog. So inspiring!

  27. elaine

    Love your blog. And thanks for your comment on mine, back in November (on wool use and vegan diets).

    I knit too…though not nearly as well as you! I will find inspiration here, however!!


  28. patty

    I love the honey wedding favor idea… so cute!!!!

  29. Sarah Yurysta

    Hi Lolly,

    I’m just starting to learn to knit and have been searching for some good knitting blogs. I am loving yours! I have no idea what I’m doing yet but am really excited to learn. You’ve got some great projects and patterns on here. I am a technological idiot, how do I subscribe to this blog so that I am notified when there’s a new post?


  30. Rebecca Snider

    This is a great site and I would love to be entered in the drawing for the book. I tried to log in but I reckon I don’t belong to this website … YET !! :)

    Becca Snider
    Spirit of Shenandoah Angoras

  31. Mom

    I like the changes in the blog. I didn’t know how to leave a comment until today. It’s a bit different in that regard but I really love the layout! I especially liked the alpacas!

  32. Rowena Philbeck

    Lolly, you don’t have a comment under each one of your postings. So I’m writing it here. You are very brave to tackle the Japanese sweater. I’m sure you can do it if anyone can. I sure wouldn’t. The yarn is beautiful and I know Kris will love the sweater. Have a Great Christmas!!

  33. Patrick Cronin

    Hey Lolly!

    Greetings from the Emerald Isle. What a great blog ! The Japanese sweater, what an undertaking! If you want, I can send you some of the traditional Aran stitches native to Ireland with their meanings! Might bring you some luck for St.Patrick’s Day!

    Drop me an email if you’re interested!
    Slán go fóil!

  34. Linda Wirick

    Hope is all well with you. I miss your column and all the inspiration that you teach.
    Take care and if you have a few seconds, just let us know that you are OK.
    Lansing, MI

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