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Gone to the Dogs

My “dog-ters” (haha, get it?) helped me randomly choose the winners of the Morehouse Merino contest – it was a very scientific method of nonverbal communication. Bella announces the first winner: (I caught her mid-yawn, but it kind of looks [...]

…And the Winners Are… (updated again!)

The whole prize portion of Socktoberfest was a continuation of last year – we had several generous donations from many stores and individuals in 2005. However, the biggest difference is that last Socktoberfest, we had 300 people. This year, we [...]

Second Milestone

07.04 :  The first ridiculous entry and my very first (hideous) sweater 08.04 : Starting graduate school and my first knitting group  09.04 : A certain person gave me a very special gift  10.04 :  Secret Pal was extremely generous 11.04 : Blogging my New Orleans vacation 12.04 : [...]

Playing by the Rules

Mother’s Day was very special this year.  We celebrated the day with a yummy brunch, a visit to see my grandmother, and finally some knitting time before we left to see Kris’s family. I did not snap a picture, but [...]

Darndest Times

Things happen at the darndest times, don’t they?  My site goes kaputt just when Project Spectrum May is kicking off – just when I am supposed to be sending out names for the Postcard Swap – just when I have [...]