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Bags, Pouches, Purses

Bags, Pouches, Purses

Paved with Good Intentions

I had the best of intentions for Project Spectrum: finishing all sorts of colorful crafts, trying new patterns, etc.  While I did do several things, I also left a lot undone. I am realizing through this Clean Sweep month that my [...]

Paper Pinwheel

When I was in New York last month, I came across a wonderful Japanese book store near Rockefeller Plaza. At the shop, I picked up an origami notecard set: decorative papers with good illustrated instructions for many patterns. This simple [...]

Good Times

Do you ever feel like so much has happened since your last blog entry that you have to write up something soon so as not to forget a single detail? Well, that is this post… so buckle up… whirlwind tour [...]

Spring – Sprang – Sprung

Maryland had a spring day today! I was so happy to wake up to the warm sun and see the snow melting away. This nice weather gave Kris and I the opportunity to do some much-needed spring cleaning! Of course [...]