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Vintage Modern Knits Blog Tour :: Caboose!

Vintage Modern Knits Blog Tour :: Caboose!

Guess who got the lucky positiong of “bringing up the rear” for the Vintage Modern Knits blog tour?  I am happy to be included in this group and to have the chance to review and share some of the lovely [...]

Story Time

Story Time

Wintertime (well, every time, really…) brings the dilemma of whether I snuggle up with a book, or with my knitting.    I try to keep it balanced, but as my knitting production went down in the latter part of the year, [...]

Book Report(s)

A selection of summer reading, artfully arranged thanks to BigHugeLabs… it’s been an eclectic season – so, I am going to focus on the graphic novel and fiction highlights first and save the batches of non-fiction for a later posting. [...]

Graphical Education

Although not quite the break-neck speed of last year, my reading is still going strong.  My jaunt with young adult novels continues – this genre is *rich* right now – and I have recently gotten into some graphic novels too.   My [...]

Eyes and Ears

I promised book reviews, and you are going to get them   2009 has been a great year for my reading/listening pleasure.  I have come across some of the best books I have read in years – some of them [...]