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Conscious Crafting: Page 17

Conscious Crafting

Living and crafting consciously

With Nature in Mind…

…Earth Day Meditations… Extend the life cycle of your possessions. Find a new use for something old. Refurbish old pieces of furniture. Recycle old fabrics and sweaters. Give them a new life with a simple makeover. Felt an old sweater [...]

Thrifty Pie

I came back to Maryland with some nice additions to the stash – both new and recycled yarns. While I did not come home with the find of the century like my aunt, I did pick up some goodies while [...]

Planning Accordingly

I only have three Works in Progress at this point. Balmoral is very close to the end. I was not able to finish her this weekend like I had hoped, but it will be soon, nonetheless. According to the length [...]

Smell What Lolly is Cooking

Over here are the "W" Haus, the warm weather means one thing: GRILL TIME! So, I needed some yummy food to fuel my paper writing… and it worked! I made some nice headway this weekend, but my work is not [...]

Orange You Happy?

I recenly joined ReKAL 2005 because why not have a cute button and knitalong for something that you already do? I have about 6 sweaters at various stages of "unravelment". Here is the most recent find–and the best one in [...]