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Collections / Favorites

Collections / Favorites

Showcase of favorite things or personal collections

Collector’s Cabinet: Souvenirs

Yesterday, while driving home with Kris in the nasty ice storm, I spotted a Quebec license plate on the Beltway, "Je me souviens"… "I remember". The glimpse of that little license plate inspired a "blog entry in my head" (that [...]

Collector’s Cabinet: Real Beauty on the Inside

I have always enjoyed collecting things. As a child, I dressed up my dolls just to display them on my dresser. I still collect books and display them in my various book cases in my house. More recently, I guess [...]

C’est la vie!

Meet my first sweater… you may remember that I referred to this one as Burlap Sack. I knew it would come in handy one day… and this weekend, it really fit the bill: it was huge and comfy and warm. [...]