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Cooking / Baking

Green Days

For the 29 days, I have been doing an experiment.  I have cut out all processed sugars from my diet – only “sweets” are fruits, and the occasional drip of agave nectar in my teacup.  I have done the sugar-less [...]

Domestic Snapshots

Big changes going on around the domestic environs – we’re prepping the house for a series of home renovation projects.  The first one is replacing the floors on our main and second floors.  We have an old and damaged carpet [...]

Adventures in Vegan Ice Cream

Adventures in Vegan Ice Cream

As a child, I once told a “fib” to my mom about ice cream… made up this whole story about how it wasn’t me who polished off the container – and of course, my mother knew it was me, because [...]

Picking and Jamming

Larriland Farm days are back!  And this time, we went to the wonderful pick-your-own farm with the nieces.  It was all about the strawberries~ About 90 pounds of strawberries!  We had three rows (about 20 feet long) that were assigned [...]