They may be a little gnarly and not quite the prettiest of the bunch – but they are OUR strawberries!  This is our magical third year, and our little backyard patch has produced a pretty steady stream of these juicy [...]

Going Vertical: A Green Experiment

Kris and I are lucky to have some green space (albeit slightly larger than a postage stamp) surrounding our house, and from the time we moved in in December 2001, we have planned many ourdoor projects that utilize this space:  a [...]

Preserving the Harvest

The subtle changing of the seasons brings on a mad dash of figuring out how to stay on top of the marvelous bounty that our little garden provides… We pack a punch in a small space, for sure! Our yard [...]

Relishing Every Second*

Relishing Every Second*

The last two weeks have been a steady stream of cooking and baking experiments and voracious reading habits.  When discussing this with a friend over the weekend, she told me, “Well, this just means you have more time!”  And if [...]