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Backyard Tales

  Small backyard with FIVE Lollys to do the work!  Actually, this is a new experiment in “cloning” or “auto align”, done with Adobe Photoshop – we used this tutorial from YouTube.  It was fun to do! We were finally able [...]

Finally Coming Around

I have to be honest. I have not been a big “fan” of eggplant in the past. This coming from the girl that rarely meets a vegetable that she doesn’t like… there was a particular restaurant experience that sticks out [...]

From Garden to Grill

My absolute favorite thing about summer is the garden harvest – whether the fruits and vegetables are from our garden, or a local farmers’ fields. Amazingly fresh and delicious. There is nothing quite as rewarding as picking a vegetable in [...]


Last fall, I picked up some bulbs at the nursery – just a little whim to add some color to my front yard. We don’t usually plant “non-functional” plants in our yard, favoring sustenance plants instead. I didn’t think the [...]