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Planning ahead

Soaking In

Knit a row :: Eat a blueberry My mom’s Sienna cardigan received my undivided attention this past weekend.  I turned on an audiobook and knit two sleeves and a good portion of the body.  I took a few breaks in [...]

The Art of Preparation

   Sometimes I enjoy winding the skeins just as much as I enjoy knitting with them.  The joy of preparation. The whirring of the swift.  Living in the moment as my hands glide across the fiber.   Casting on for [...]

Colorful Inspirations

Do you find yourself subconsciously (even unconsciously) being drawn to certain colors and themes in your crafting?  You may be really “feeling” the blues lately, or the fiery oranges and reds.  For the last few weeks, my eyes and my [...]


…you just have to stop for a moment and look at all the beauty around you… 1. Fern Art, 2. cabled mittens, 3. christmas bokeh , 4. Twelve pairs, 5. Thumbless Thrummies, 6. There’s a bug on my violet!, 7. [...]

Best Vest Forward

As I put my finishing touches on Francis (yes! it was that quick of a knit! Soaking and blocking tonight – photos tomorrow, hopefully!), I am already thinking about what to cast on for next… I made up my mind [...]