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Various knitalongs that I participate in

Project Spectrum Stashbusting!

There is a very nice sense of accomplishment that comes when you can reach into the yarn stash, find a skein that has taken up residence for sometime, and a few days later, you have a fun finished knit… The [...]

Cheering and Stashbusting

This is a special time of year around the W household… one where Kris and I are basically glued to the television watching the NHL playoffs.  With games on virtually every night, it is fair to say that it offers [...]

Creating a Diversion

Hey hey – look over here! (and don’t think about how I still haven’t fixed Kris’s pullover…) While I should have been fixing one knit, I decided to work on others… for the obligations of my knitalong the January Hat [...]

First Goal of 2009!

I was having a conversation with one of my fellow hockey-loving pals over on Ravelry, and we dreamed up this fun idea of starting an informal knitalong for our group in January… we would focus on making some hats – [...]


Francis Revisited Pattern: Francis Revisted by Beth Silverstein (free pattern link to Ravelry) Yarn: Wool/Alpaca/Silk blend cone Source: School Products, NYC Needles: Size US 7 and US 9 [All photos of Francis here] I started this sweater on November 2nd [...]