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Two years ago, Maryse had the great idea for a month-long photo gallery entitled MacroMay:  you use your macro lens, extension tubes,  (or macro adjustment) for the camera and you just shoot away ~ it might be the third day of May [...]

Photo Work

I am still at the point in my photography skills where I feel like each photograph I take is a crap shoot – maybe it will turn out and maybe it won’t.  Thanks to the digital technology, I can take [...]

New Bud :: Family Tree

Two months ago today (the 28th), my family got a new addition.  Luckily when I was in California, I had the chance to spend some time with her – Baby V is amazing. Mimi and I talked about doing a [...]

New Places : Animal Faces

We found a lovely hotel right next to Balboa Park in San Diego.  With a touch of jet lag, Kris and I woke up before dawn and got out into the Park for a nice long walk with the sunrise.  [...]