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PS Elements

PS Elements

Third year of Project Spectrum

Project Spectrum Elements Review

I can hardly believe that eight months went by so quickly.  Today is the last day of Project Spectrum Elements… and it completely snuck up on me.  This cycle of PS has been so enjoyable for me:  it was a [...]

Moldova Musings

Earlier this summer, I read The Geography of Bliss.  The author, a foreign correspondent for public radio, sets out to find the happiest places on earth.  While traveling he meets and interviews people in those countries and learns what makes [...]

Finally Coming Around

I have to be honest. I have not been a big “fan” of eggplant in the past. This coming from the girl that rarely meets a vegetable that she doesn’t like… there was a particular restaurant experience that sticks out [...]

Seed Stitch Infinity

Feeling an intense desire to start something new, I went through the stash last week and surveyed my options.  I reacquainted myself with some of the yarns, and I rediscovered something I already knew: I have a lot of options.  [...]

Reading is Elemental

I have always appreciated the thoughtful book reviews over at A Mingled Yarn, and a handful of other blogs on my list.  Over the past two months, I have been reading an inordinate amount of books – probably spurred by my [...]