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Socktoberfest 2006

Socktoberfest 2006

Socktoberfest Flashback!

We may be in the middle of Project Spectrum, but you may very well know that LollyKnitting Around is also the home of another large-scale craft project called Socktoberfest, a celebration of sock and foot-coverings every October… Well, as it [...]

Socks on the Street

I got an email early in Socktoberfest from blogless Leslie (who I am hoping to meet in San Francisco in a few days!), about how to work your handcrafted socks into your day-to-day fashion: I would love to see photos [...]

Double Time: Tutorials for 2 Socks on 2 Circs

In these waning hours of Socktoberfest, it has become very clear that there is just no way that a mere calendar month – even one with 31 days! – can do these socks any justice. There is just so much [...]

Coming Up Roses

The view from here is quite pleasant. The goal I have been working towards for over two years is nearly complete: I finished my Library School comprehensive exams successfully on Saturday afternoon. While I will not officially find out the [...]

Customize: Tutorials for Unique Socks

So you have knit some sock patterns here and there, but you want something truly unique, something customized to your own aesthetic and style, whether you choose a whole new pattern, or build off an existing one. Here are some [...]