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Stash Enhancement

Stash Enhancement

New yarns added to the stash

Planning: Spring Cardis

Planning: Spring Cardis

Spring and summer knitting often get the short schrift in favor of the warm winter woolies.  The modern yarn landscape offers a vast collection of fibers and luckily, some amazing designs for those knitters who are willing to pick up [...]

New England Yarns

Smiles all around – a product of a day devoted to friends and yarn! Jonvieve + Liz and me @ WEBS Last Friday and Saturday were banner days – days completely devoid of scheduling and meetings, conference calls and general [...]

Hot and Sheepy

This was my fifth year at Maryland Sheep and Wool, so I feel a bit “seasoned” – even though there were some nice and welcome changes at the festival this year – more space for large vendors, recycle bins, extra [...]

Fiberlicious Vancouver

Vancouver provided many fibery opportunities, both with a finished knit, some stash enhancement, and some inspirational artisan galleries as well… I started this cowl – the Tuesday Night Cowl (free pattern on Ravelry!) by Susan Lawrence – the morning of [...]

Special Project~

Through my teacher training program last year, I had the opportunity to meet some truly amazing and gifted people.  So many varied interests and passions, yet we all came together to learn more about yoga and to deepen our own [...]