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Holidays / Events

Holidays / Events

Family birthdays and holidays archive

Christmas Memories

And what makes this auntie squeal with delight this Christmas Eve? Seeing Baby V bedecked in the knit cardi I made her before she was born! The smile means she loves it! …and that is the best Christmas present this [...]

Lil’ Peppermint Brownies

For goodness sake, how did Christmas come to be a mere three weeks away?  I am in a bit of denial about that… but hey, I will use any excuse to do some kitchen experimentation   Christmas baking is one [...]

…And She’s Off…

Well, my little sister is married. Here’s how it happened (yes, a picture-heavy post is ahead!) Thursday: Setting Up / Decorating Entitled: My sisters are tulles Hanging Wreaths :: Aisle Decorations Friday: Bachelorette Brunch / Decorating Hall / Rehearsal at [...]

Half and Half

I forced myself to finish these two socks so at least I could have a pair… albeit, not a matching pair. 1/2  Noro Silk Garden socks  – 1/2 of Laila’s Socks The lovely Noro Silk Garden sock yarn was purchased [...]

Family Holiday

The Calorimetries for my nieces were a last minute addition to the Christmas gift pool. Perhaps it was a quickie stashbusting solution or perhaps it was Auntie Lolly’s subversive way of countering all of the rampant consumerism and making a [...]