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Smell What Lolly is Cooking

Over here are the "W" Haus, the warm weather means one thing: GRILL TIME! So, I needed some yummy food to fuel my paper writing… and it worked! I made some nice headway this weekend, but my work is not [...]

Good Times

Do you ever feel like so much has happened since your last blog entry that you have to write up something soon so as not to forget a single detail? Well, that is this post… so buckle up… whirlwind tour [...]

Super Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day & Happy 18th Birthday to my sister, Sarah! Sarah Kathryn is the youngest of the three sisters, and over these 18 years, she has transformed from an adorable baby to a beautiful and intelligent young woman. [...]

Cradle Robber

That’s right… I am a cradle robber. Kris turned 24 yesterday… I am a whole 6 weeks older! Happy Birthday Bear! So we celebrated Kris’s birthday tonight with dinner and drinks! I am wishing Kris a happy birthday! Yummy Appletini [...]

Lolly’s Mysteries Revealed

Christmas Eve celebration with my family went very well – always fun to hang out with them. After a yummy lunch, we begin to open presents. I was so excited for my family to open their presents, I could barely [...]