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Grad School

Grad School

Mentions of my grad school studies in Library Science and/or History

Official Status

The good news came in the mail! Over two years of work, and now I have my Masters in Library and Information Science. Now, I am trying to figure out if I wanna go back for more… (glutton for punishment?) [...]

Coming Up Roses

The view from here is quite pleasant. The goal I have been working towards for over two years is nearly complete: I finished my Library School comprehensive exams successfully on Saturday afternoon. While I will not officially find out the [...]

A Little Stress Relief

"Bitten off more than you can chew" "Too many irons in the fire" Clichés that mean the same thing: BUSY. You see, on top of all of the Socktoberfest bliss (and it really is!), I am preparing for my graduate [...]

Honeymoon’s Over

Eat, drink and be merry… for tomorrow we start school.  Its not like it was a long honeymoon.  I finished my summer class in the beginning of August and luckily had a brief respite before fall semester courses begin tomorrow, and I have [...]

Title Company

Knitting is obviously "where it's at" – centuries of craft, and the most recent revival started as a fad craze a few years ago has gained great strength and welcomed many new hobbyists.  I am one of the many knitters who learned [...]