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Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Exercise, diet, yoga, etc.

Green Days

For the 29 days, I have been doing an experiment.  I have cut out all processed sugars from my diet – only “sweets” are fruits, and the occasional drip of agave nectar in my teacup.  I have done the sugar-less [...]

Starting Things Off

This week’s events have filled me with such hope and purpose, both on the international and national stages as well as the things happening right here at home.  The words hope, change, and progress have been used so many times [...]

What Color Are You?

All signs point to SILVER for me.  However, I see little flecks of saffron, green, and red in there too… is it possible to be a rainbow?  *** I read about the 8 Colors of Fitness in one of my favorite magazines, Experience [...]

Finally Coming Around

I have to be honest. I have not been a big “fan” of eggplant in the past. This coming from the girl that rarely meets a vegetable that she doesn’t like… there was a particular restaurant experience that sticks out [...]