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Health and Wellness: Page 5

Health and Wellness

Exercise, diet, yoga, etc.

Strict Fiber Diet

Fiber does the body good! I got this lovely lavender ball of yarn (and some matching shades) at a thrift store in Alabama (my trip last January).  Unfortunately, there is no label, so I don't know the content, or the [...]

Plateaus and Big Hills

I have received some fabulous feedback from my Weigh Down exercise and diet page.  Thank you for sharing your comments, stories and goals with me, please keep them coming!  They inspire me!  Because of the positive response, I decided to [...]

Lacking a Common Thread

I usually like to have a theme, or a common thread in my blog posts… but I just have too many disparate topics and pictures to discuss, so the whole thing went right out the window – it is all about [...]