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Yosemite: Day Hikes, Domes, and (Really) Huge Trees

Yosemite: Day Hikes, Domes, and (Really) Huge Trees

Seems that I got a bit out of order in chronology of my posts.  Here I am telling you about the things that I just finished knitting, but I didn’t tell you WHERE I was knitting them… so, allow me [...]

Sites & Knits in PA

Kris had a conference up in Connecticut and I decided to go along for the ride.  We decided to go the in-land route through Pennsylvania; we stopped by Gettysburg to visit Kris’s brother, went to a fabulous used book store [...]

Take a Hike

Nine days and nery a word…  I still had a few Vancouver events to tell you about, but I got sucked into some amazing books, and playing catch-up at work.  I wish I could say that I had spent my [...]


My dad is a geologist, and I like to think that he passed on that love of rocks and minerals to me.   I was (and continue to be) very interested in the world around me, and the natural systems that [...]