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Hiking / Walking

Local hikes and walks


…I have celebrated the turning of the seasons with a mindful and observant walk through the woods… More photos on Kris’s blog   …and by casting on for an autumnal colored sock… I felt the need to re-motivate and reinvigorate [...]

Well-Developed Quads

The Incas were a small people… probably hovering around 5 feet tall. Yet, their cities are built on top of mountains, with steps leading up to these cities that are about 2 feet tall each. They must have had very [...]


This weekend was filled to the brim with activities… Friday the 13th party at A Tangled Skein Eunny and I went down to Hyattsville for the new yarn shop’s party. Both of us checked out this store earlier in the [...]

Freshwater / Saltwater

Kris and I took the scenic route to the beach.  The weather was pristine, and there were plenty of worthy diversions:  the roadside farmers’ markets and the small lakes, in particular.   I just love the spontaneity of vacations:  we passed [...]