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Hockey fun

Cheering and Stashbusting

This is a special time of year around the W household… one where Kris and I are basically glued to the television watching the NHL playoffs.  With games on virtually every night, it is fair to say that it offers [...]

Rockin’ the Red

How great is it when you find people who share the same interests and passions as you do?  it is like that instant connection and you just feel like “yep, this is perfect!”  I gotta say, it is too funny [...]

Creating a Diversion

Hey hey – look over here! (and don’t think about how I still haven’t fixed Kris’s pullover…) While I should have been fixing one knit, I decided to work on others… for the obligations of my knitalong the January Hat [...]

First Goal of 2009!

I was having a conversation with one of my fellow hockey-loving pals over on Ravelry, and we dreamed up this fun idea of starting an informal knitalong for our group in January… we would focus on making some hats – [...]

To the ‘Burgh!

For the past few years, right before Christmas, I have made a habit of asking Kris this question:  “So, would you like to go up to Pittsburgh to see a hockey game for your birthday?” My question is usually answered [...]