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General Life

Sweet Little Thing

A momentous occasion – the east coast tour of Baby V!    Live and in person!  Just turned 9 months (on the 28th) and she is full of energy and wiggles.  She’s at that rolly-polly age where everything is new [...]

O Canada (Socks)

Over a year and no socks in sight… and then the sock bug bit me again right before the Vancouver trip in February.  I finished a cuff on the plane ride out there and knit a few more rows, but [...]


They may be a little gnarly and not quite the prettiest of the bunch – but they are OUR strawberries!  This is our magical third year, and our little backyard patch has produced a pretty steady stream of these juicy [...]

Going Vertical: A Green Experiment

Kris and I are lucky to have some green space (albeit slightly larger than a postage stamp) surrounding our house, and from the time we moved in in December 2001, we have planned many ourdoor projects that utilize this space:  a [...]

On Socks and the Playoffs

Many thanks for your comments on my Noro blanket! thank you also for all the feedback on interchangeable needles – since I was borrowing the needles, I did not have the little key that many of you said comes along [...]