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Wine / Vineyards

Wine / Vineyards

Wine, another of my passions

Liquid Red

You could say that I am into wine. I receive great pleasure from pairing a delicious wine with a great meal. I love the whole culture of wine: the scientific knowledge of soil, geography, horticulture to the bottling and aging [...]

Weekend in Pictures (and a few words)

Kris @ Wine in the Woods Festival Aaron, Melissa, and me drinking up ……… Ethiopian dinner with my sister, Sarah …before the much-anticipated show by one of my favorite artists… Andrew Bird live @ the 9:30 Club (Listen to the [...]

Farewell Napa!

Kris and I had a wonderful vacation in California, from our days in San Francisco (too short!) to our adventures in the beautiful Napa Valley. We are returning home today to our little dogs, cats, and fish. It was truly [...]

Ancient Trees

After four beautiful days in San Francisco, Kris and I traveled north to Muir Woods, a National Monument featuring coastal redwood trees. Only seeing pictures of the redwood trees before, I was not fully prepared for the absolute majesty of [...]