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Hats & Headbands

Whatever keeps my head warm

Project Spectrum Stashbusting!

There is a very nice sense of accomplishment that comes when you can reach into the yarn stash, find a skein that has taken up residence for sometime, and a few days later, you have a fun finished knit… The [...]

On the Edge

I am not a technical knitter.  I definitely enjoy trying new techniques out, but I have to say that I often go with the tried and true.  I still do a long-tail cast on for pretty much everything, and I [...]

Fun Time Get Togethers

It’s that feeling you have when you just experienced something so great and you can’t really put it into words… the words that come to mind don’t really capture the true essence of the emotions behind them.  That was the [...]

Creating a Diversion

Hey hey – look over here! (and don’t think about how I still haven’t fixed Kris’s pullover…) While I should have been fixing one knit, I decided to work on others… for the obligations of my knitalong the January Hat [...]