Scarves, Wraps, Shrugs

Various scarves… my default project

Knits for Girls

Knits for Girls

Sarah’s birthday was on St. Patrick’s Day, and I made a scarf for her – a simple little piece with a fabulously colorful yarn. The Typha scarf is supposed to be about 2-times this size. I actually saw the modeled [...]

Knits: Playing Catch Up

Knits: Playing Catch Up

Not only am I thrilled that you still read this blog, but you actually take the time to write heart-warming notes too. Many thanks. As noted earlier, this mild winter was not as full of knits as previous years, but [...]

Weekend Knitting + Rocking

When a chair this inviting comes into your life, you just have to rock with it. Little back story: If you follow me on Twitter or Pinterest, you probably know that I have a thing for modern design.  Last fall, [...]

Albers Cowl: Complete

My friend Em said that this Albers cowl is “how Lolly got her [knitting] groove back”… and she is right.  Not that I totally lost it, but my knitting production has been a little slow.  This project’s simplicity, modern design [...]

Hip to be Square

A return to the elements of knitting – yarn, needles, and elementary garter stitch.  Such satisfaction and joy in simplicity.  I could continue to wax philosophical about it… suffice it to say, this is the perfect kind of knitting for [...]