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Scarves, Wraps, Shrugs: Page 14

Scarves, Wraps, Shrugs

Various scarves… my default project

Quick Turnaround

Oftentimes, after I finish a big project, like my recent Alchemy pullover, I go on a scarf binge. They are instant gratification, and are a good way to stash bust and use up my leftovers. Plus, I wear scarves nearly [...]

The Way I See It…

Over the weekend, I had a wonderful knitting marathon… I watched the complete Season One of Carnivale (what a show!) and knit, knit, knit! I needed a good *knit fix* with my new semester of school starting. When else am [...]

Too Hot to Handle!

Thanks for your comments and suggestions about my new site, I will be implementing some things over the next few days/weeks. I am so excited about all of the possibilities! I don’t really have a time table of when everything [...]