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Scarves, Wraps, Shrugs: Page 2

Scarves, Wraps, Shrugs

Various scarves… my default project

Sites & Knits in PA

Kris had a conference up in Connecticut and I decided to go along for the ride.  We decided to go the in-land route through Pennsylvania; we stopped by Gettysburg to visit Kris’s brother, went to a fabulous used book store [...]

I am not ded.

Rather than making excuses for over a month of radio silence, I will just say – HEY!  Thanks for the messages and emails.  LollyKnitting Around is not down or on an extended hiatus.  Of course, I have a lot to catch [...]

Making Old New Again

In my first year of knitting, way back in 2003-2004, I was intrepid.  I wanted to learn all I could about yarn and stitches… I had a very patient knitting group, all of them much more experienced than I was.  They [...]

Perseverance: A Hike and a Shawl

Last Alaska-related post.  I promise.  (I can almost hear you now: Lolly… you have been back from nearly two weeks!  Don’t you have other things to talk about?) The Perseverance Trail is a network of trails that start right above [...]

Knits from Up North

Juneau’s climate is tailor-made for handknits.  The temperature is pretty consistent, and while we were there, it didn’t rise above 60 degrees.  You need warm and dry feet – make socks.  You need to cover your neck and chest – [...]