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All socks, all the time

A One and a Two…

Only one more week in this year’s Socktoberfest!  Do you have some last minute knits that you are working on? Unlike the last two years, I actually was able to finish something – TWO things even! – within the confines [...]

Cut and Run

So much potential and beauty *in the skein*.  Why in the world did it have to turn out like this?   This pooling flashing mess of colors is Socks that Rock Lightweight.  I have serious dislike for the yarn’s color [...]

Making Old New Again

In my first year of knitting, way back in 2003-2004, I was intrepid.  I wanted to learn all I could about yarn and stitches… I had a very patient knitting group, all of them much more experienced than I was.  They [...]

O Canada (Socks)

Over a year and no socks in sight… and then the sock bug bit me again right before the Vancouver trip in February.  I finished a cuff on the plane ride out there and knit a few more rows, but [...]

On Socks and the Playoffs

Many thanks for your comments on my Noro blanket! thank you also for all the feedback on interchangeable needles – since I was borrowing the needles, I did not have the little key that many of you said comes along [...]