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Diagonal Fixation

Diagonal Fixation

Cascade Fixation pattern

Last Stop!

Remember when I finished these socks last January? I enjoyed the Diagonal Fixation pattern, but could not quite "wrap" my head around the whole short-row concept. I had only knit heel flaps before this sock, and have not attempted another [...]

Home Sweet Home

Hello!! Kris and I got back safely from Alabama around 7pm last night. Long trip, but a good one – loads of together time (singing with the radio and the mp3 player is one of our favorite past times- especially [...]

Wrapping up Loose Ends

Our Wednesday road trip to Alabama went really well – we made good time, and got to my aunt and uncle’s house in about 12 hours. As Kris drove through Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and finally Alabama, I sat beside knitting [...]

Where to Start?

Two days was too long of a break! You Socktoberists are insatiable! For administrative purposes, I decided to make October 19th the last day for people to sign up for Socktoberfest 2005. All this means is that I will stop [...]

Beginner’s Luck

My first short row heel was a success! My Diagonal Fixation sock #1 is progressing well. At this point, I can’t say which heel I prefer. I have done four "eye of partridge" heel flaps, and I did like those. [...]