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Trekking XXL 108

Trekking XXL 108

Zitron Trekking XXL colorway 108

Trekking through Memories

When I am making something, I try to take in all of my surroundings, almost as if I am knitting these memories into the item.  Where I was, what I was thinking, the weather outside… all of this is knit into [...]

Wound Up and (a little) Giddy

I don't know why it did not occur to me sooner… but the reason socks take me so long to complete? Simply said, I have a very long foot. TrekkingXXL 108 Sock 1 complete .. it only took me a [...]

City Trekking

My Trekking sock has been on two urban outings this past week visiting friends in the big city!  What did socky see? Last Wednesday, I met up with my best friend Becca.  She is amazing.  We ate some yummy food, [...]

Cold-Blooded Knitter

It's 100 degrees outside.  Hot and humid and nasty and gross.  Who can deny global warming when it feels like this?  Considering the weather is so hellacious, why in the world am I dreaming about fall and winter knitting? Warm woolly feet [...]

More Details

We rarely went to the beach when I was a young girl; we lived in land-locked western states like Wyoming and New Mexico, and the beach was several days away. I remember only one vacation where we traveled to the [...]