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Winter Socks

Winter Socks

Knit in GGH Marathon – Nancy Bush’s Gentlemen’s Plain Winter Socks

More Sock Talk

Pattern: "Gentleman's Plain Winter Socks" from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush Yarn: GGH Marathon (discontinued) Source: Received in a trade with Debi Needles: Size 2 DPNs, Clover Takumi (bamboo) Click to enlarge The pattern was easy, and great to [...]

Ode to Socks: They Always Fit

***  The beauty of socks: they always fit.  While your tummy and thighs may fluctuate in size, Your feet remain the same.  *** Yeah, there are a few exceptions, but usually, socks fit.  You make them, and as long as you [...]

Handknit Holiday

Well, the holiday was not completely handknit… I didn't finish my mom's present, so I worked out a little surrogate gift… and I didn't make anything for dad, but I am already thinking about next year's, and I still have [...]

Sock It To `Em

Monday came quickly after a nice relaxing weekend, but Kris and I still had some fun activities planned to beat the Monday blues… HOCKEY NIGHT! It was a special night – the Pittsburgh Penguins were in town to play the [...]