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Jacquard Pulli

Jacquard Pulli

Rebecca #34 colorwork

Jacquard Pulli: Er ist fertig!*

Socktoberfest did not start with socks for me… it started with the completion of this sweater. It has been hanging around since April, and I finally had enough momentum to finish the yoke after returning to work on it in [...]

Evenly Yoked

I had high hopes of finishing my Jacquard Pulli before the end of September, and also the end of Project Spectrum.  It seemed like the perfect swan song… alas, I don’t think I can fit sixty rows of Fair Isle [...]

Stitch Count

Long arm or short sleeve? The Jacquard Pulli has once again fallen by the wayside as I ran into a little snag… Either I have the arms of an orangutan, or the pattern is just too short.  I think it [...]

Jacquard Resurrection

After a good three months, I picked up the Jacquard Pulli again, itching for a little colorwork action.  With my audiobook* in the background, I completed most of the body of the pullover.  The armholes are bound off, and soon [...]