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Noro Klaralund in Silk Garden

Lolly “Lunding” and The World of Nature

11:00am – All piled up and ready to block 1:00pm – Light mist blocking. I did not think it was necessary to block this heavily; I just wanted to set the seams straight. 5:00pm – Playing hooky from my class, [...]

Girls of November

Someone pointed out on their blog last week that the reason there are so many birthdays in November is because it is approximately nine months after Valentine’s Day. That gave me a little snicker… Eilene celebrated her birthday in the [...]

Sigh of Relief

I did not have my nose in a book all weekend… just most of it! Luckily, I finished up two major papers just in time for last night’s class, and I am free for a few days before the major [...]

Let Me Entertain You

I know it is not the pattern… Mim is a great designer. I know that it works, because both Chelsea and Lisa have lovely Razor Shell socks, and they are both closing in on a finished pair. So, that means [...]