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Lolly’s Olympic Pullover

Lolly’s Olympic Pullover

Meant to Be?

There she sits. Undone. …but I am okay with it… It was a whole number of things that contributed to the fact that the sweater is not done – and won’t be done by the time I leave for Vancouver.  [...]

Cry Me a River

So, this was not the update I was planning to give.  But, sometimes, things don’t go as planned. This is proof that the unexpected does happen… and it happened to me this time around. I have knit several patterns in [...]

Quick Glimpses

:: knitting sleeve two of my Olympic sweater whilst studying Spanish with Rosetta Stone :: (Hello operator?) Great progress on both fronts. Sleeve has doubled in length since this photo taken yesterday morning (and I have a callus on my [...]

Xs and Os

So many inches of stockinette for the body and the sleeves – when I finally reached the colorwork portion, it felt like a celebration!  Of course, the colorwork is *also* stockinette, but it’s about the introduction of that new color [...]

Sleeve Face-off

Sleeve vs. Sleeve Olympic sweaters – all the time around here.  While looking at the official Vancouver Olympics website, I realized that there are only 70 days until the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  Is there any way I can finish these [...]