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Pom Pullover

Pom Pullover

“Knitting To Go” Deck hoodie pattern, in Woolarina pomegranate-colored yarn.

Delectable Debut

Pomegranate Pullover is done! …and since the weather was pristine yesterday afternoon, I decided outdoor photographs were in order!  Of course, I needed one of the pomegranates from my collection to remind you just why I call this sweater "Pomegranate" – [...]

Report Card

I know I am not the only one.  I hated the time of year when report cards were issued in grade school.  My teachers always liked me and gave me good marks – but the thing I feared the most?  The [...]

Paved with Good Intentions

I had the best of intentions for Project Spectrum: finishing all sorts of colorful crafts, trying new patterns, etc.  While I did do several things, I also left a lot undone. I am realizing through this Clean Sweep month that my [...]


I had to dig down in the project bag for the Pomegranate Hoodie – it's been a few months since I spent any time on it. This has been a real "backburner" project. I cast on in the last half [...]

Strikes and Spares

I have come to the conclusion that knitters have well-developed wrist muscles… all of that knitting, purling, and ribbing works out the forearms, wrists and fingers very well.  This has to be the explanation, because I was so bad at [...]